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Sprint Will not Throttle Your Data

on Saturday, January 7, 2012 by Fithrah
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Hy friend android. how are you? now I want to tell my friend about the latest news from the android which is The Sprint Will not Throttle Your Data - Unless You're Roaming.

Perhaps among us have heard that the Dow Jones Newswire recently stated that Sprint CEO Hesse and confirmed that they throttle 1% of users send data to the session complaining of interwebs. Why Hesse explained / acknowledge that the data throttling when they claim to offer unlimited data for customers? Well, it seems that the Dow Jones got there the wrong story and quoted Hesse. Apparently, when speaking at a meeting of investors, Hesse did not mention the throttling of the pig data but refer to those who hang around while doing it. Sprint customers who are choking because of roaming accounts for 1% of the customer base and, according to the fine print, 300MB encroach off-network data.

Sprint executives Bill White told CNET that "we do not throttle our postpaid customers" and Sprint also posted a blog to try to clear up misunderstandings:

  • Sprint does not throttle any user's phone postpaid data for on-off-network or network usage. Sprint is the only national carrier to offer smartphone users data that is really limited without metering, throttling or the excess while on the Sprint network.
  • Sprint does not have the terms and conditions that prohibit certain types of data that can interfere with the use of other customers' or endanger or interfere with the network. At the investor conference yesterday, Sprint CEO Hesse and Sprint refer to the right to discontinue service for offenders who violate terms and conditions of Sprint data. Customers who abuse our network with violating the terms and conditions to be contacted by Sprint in an effort to have a change of use of their customers to comply with the agreement of their customers. Customers who do not change their usage and still violates the terms and conditions may be subject to action provided by Sprint, including but not limited to termination. Consistent with our advertising, engaging in such use would not cause throttling to customers on a data plan, including but not limited to mobile phones.
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