Samsung's Galaxy Nexus Becomes a Perfect Smartphone

on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 by ANDROID
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For fans loyal users of Google's Android, as we all know that every version of Android given the name that is so sweet and unique, such as Gingerbread or Honeycomb. And now Android will sound and look much nicer with a version of Ice Cream Sandwich -, with feature-rich operating system in order to smooth. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been selected by Google to be a worthy candidate to plan the launch of the Android version of Ice Cream Sanwich for the first time. The combination of Google's software and hardware make the Samsung Nexus Galaxy one of the best candidates to compete with Apple's latest iPhone, though the price is steep.

As in the previous phone lines Nexus, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus also jointly developed by Google and Samsung. It features a sleek frame with a screen, large curved glass that is comfortable to chat with friends and very good for watching videos. The phone also ships with a 16GB or 32GB of storage space. There is no slot for microSD cards, though.

Screen, pocket-busting 4.65 inches on the diagonal, making the 3.5-inch iPhone look smaller. And despite the size, the Galaxy managed Nexus weighs only 4.8 ounces, slightly less than Apple's offering.

On it, video and Web pages look fresh and bright, with rich colors. I started watching the video during testing - HD copy of "Help" that I rented from Google's Android Market - and had to force myself to break away to test the other features of the device.

Overall, the Ice Cream Sandwich looks fresh and less cluttered. Virtual "buttons" that usually sits at the bottom of the screen has been redesigned. There are still "home" and "back" button, but there is no "menu" button to draw a variety of options in an application. Conversely, there is now a "recent application" button that shows what you have done lately on the phone.

Other changes are neat: the virtual keys that actually, so they change direction when you flip the phone sideways and disappear when you view photos or video.

Other changes include improvements to the Android virtual keyboard, intended to make it easier to type without messing up - something I always have trouble with the stock Android keyboard. I am often able to type more accurately than in the past, but sometimes still end up with words that are not desirable in my message.

Android's browser and Gmail updated as well. The new functions include the ability to find Gmail emails when offline, while the browser zippier and have a "demand desktop" option so you can check the web page in the non-truncated version of their desktop.

One new feature that falls into the "great in theory" Enable Faces category, which uses facial recognition technology to unlock the phone from standby mode. To set it up, you take a picture of your face with the phone. Then, you have to do to unlock the phone staring at the screen after you press the power button.Most time did not succeed, though, probably because the phone can not recognize my face from a certain angle. I can also cheat by holding my face shot on the iPhone. So much for security.

Ice Cream Sandwich also has Android Beam, which allows you to share content such as Web pages, maps or videos between two Android phones to bring back the phone together. It only works with phones that have Android software and near-field communication technology, though.Thus, unless you and your friends a good buy you will be lucky Nexus Galaxy at launch.

More immediately useful is the 5-megapixel camera phone, which is the snappiest I've seen on any Android phone. Almost no shutter lag between shots, even when I had just turned the camera on.

However, I prefer high-resolution sensors. 8-megapixel camera is quickly becoming common on smartphones. In addition, the photos I took could have been brighter, although this can be improved on by using some of the editing options available, including many choices of color filters and contrast are adjusted.

Like the iPhone and some 4S other high-end smartphone, Galaxy Nexus can record high-definition video in 1080p - the best resolution you can get on a consumer camera. I have fun taking video with the sunset time-lapse feature, and there are some silly movie effects to play around with, too.

And yes, you can make calls on the Nexus Galaxy. The body is thin and curved screen makes it comfortable to hold your ears, and general call sounded good.

Unfortunately, high-speed network to waste time on battery power like a milkshake, so I can not spend a ton of time using the device on a single battery.

Using both 3G and HSPA + fast, at least, I got about three hours and 15 minutes from the Galaxy Nexus to surf the Web, streaming movies, send instant messages, chat on the phone and other activities. This phone gets quite warm with all this use.

In general, though, Nexus Galaxy is a well-rounded smartphone that serves up refreshing version of Android with sleek hardware. Tasty, indeed.

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